Volume IX, Issue 2, 2015

Special Issue dedicated to Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux
Guest Editor: Ioan Bolovan


Editor’s Note


Ioan Bolovan, Alexandru Moraru, Marius Eppel – Statistical Contributions Concerning the Orthodox Population in Cluj during the First Years after the Union of Transylvania with Romania

Bogdan Crăciun, Elena Crinela Holom, Vlad Popovici – Historical Population Database of Transylvania: Methodology Employed in the Selection of Settlements and Micro Zones of Interest

Carmen Ţâgşorean – They Played with Children’s Minds. The Communist Propaganda through the Pionierul Magazine

Cornelia Mureşan, Paul-Teodor Hărăguş – Norms of Filial Obligation and Actual Support to Parents in Central and Eastern Europe

Luminiţa Dumănescu – Being a Child in a Mixed Family in Nowadays Transylvania

Mihaela Hărăguş – Dynamics of Mixed Unions in Transylvania, Romania

Iulia-Dorina Stanciu – Changes on the Wedding Ceremony as an Effect of Migration. A Rural Community from Braşov County

Arnold Weiszenbacher – “For a More Just World”: Population and Politics at the World Population Conference, Bucharest 1974

Book Review

Gumenâi, Ion (2013). Comunităţile romano-catolice, protestante şi lipoveneşti din Basarabia în secolul al XIX-lea (Les communautés romano-catholiques, protestantes et de Lipovènes de Bessarabie au XIXe siècle). Chişinău: Institutul de Studii Enciclopedice, 283 pages (reviewed by Liana Lăpădatu)