Volume XV, Number 2, 2021


Special Issue: Orphanhood in East-Central and South-Eastern Europe (18th-20th Century)
Guest Editors: Ovidiu-Emil Iudean, Oana Sorescu-Iudean, Luminiţa Dumănescu


Oana Sorescu-Iudean – The Cause of the Fatherless: Spiritual and Material Guardianship in Eighteenth Century Transylvania

Ingrid Kušniráková – Institutional Care for Orphaned Children in the Kingdom of Hungary (From Private Charity to a State System)

Ovidiu-Emil Iudean, Nicoleta Hegedűs – Overseeing Orphans’ Care: The Presidents of the Orphan Courts in Transylvania during Dualism

Friederike Kind-Kovács – Hungary’s Forgotten Foundlings: State Care for “Abandoned” Children at the Turn of the 20th Century

Elena Crinela Holom – “Children of the Nation”. An Overview of Aid and Benefits Paid to WWI Orphans as Reflected in Data from the Official Gazette of the Kingdom of Romania (1918-1939)

Book review

Orphans and Abandoned Children in European History. Sixteenth to Twentieth Centuries (2018). Nicoleta Roman (Ed.). Routledge: Abingdon, Oxon, New York, 302 p.  ISBN 978-03-673-4887-8. (reviewed by: Camelia Zavarache).