Volume XII, Issue 2, 2018



Mateusz Wyżga – Were Peasants Able to Move in Feudal Poland? Tracking the Determinants of Internal Migrations, 1501-1800

Paulo Teodoro de Matos, Joana Varella Cid, Manuel Caiado – Azorean Intra-mobility through the Lens of the Cities of Angra and Horta (1825-1835)

Bogdan Mateescu – Historical Geography of Rural House Types and Premises of Social and Economic History. Moldova, Muntenia and Oltenia, Late 18th century – Early 20th Century

Angela Lumezeanu – Insights into Designing and Building a Historical Population Database

Irina Nastasă-Matei – A Chapter of Student Migration History: Romanians at the University of Munich before Second World War

Alissa Tolstokorova – Informal Social Networks of Ukrainian Migrant Women as a Tool of Resistance against Precarities of Migranсу

Book Review

Translocal Childhoods and Family Mobility in East and North Europe Europe (2018). Assmuth L., Hakkarainen M., Lulle A., Siim P.M. (Eds). London: Palgrave Macmillan. 978-3-319-89733-2 (hardcover)/978-3-319-89734-9 (eBook), 271 pages (Reviewed by Viorela Ducu)