Volume XIII, Number 2, 2019



Mara Mărginean – The Future Belongs to the Youth: Social Sciences and the Politics of Knowledge Transfers in the 1970s Romania

Cristian Toşa, Tomio Miwa, Takayuki Morikawa – Spatial Mobility Survey Framework for Bucharest-Ilfov Metropolitan Area: A Life-course Approach

Cornelia Mureşan, Livia Sz. Oláh – Men’s First Partnership Formation in Four Former State-socialist Countries during the Transition Period

Mircea Brie – Population Ageing. A Demographic Vulnerability of the European Union

Ionuţ Földes – Demographic Change and Labour Migration in Cluj County, Romania

Simona Andreea Ursache, Ionel Muntele – Factorial Analysis of the Dynamics of Infant Mortality in Romania (2001-2017). Case Study: Iaşi County

Book Review

Ján Golian (2019). Život ľudu detvianskýho. Historicko-demograficka a kultúrna sonda do každodenneho života v dlhom 19. storočí/The Life of the People of Detva. Historical-demographic and cultural research on everyday life in the 19th century, Ružomberok: Society for Human Studies, 432 p. ISBN 987-80-972913-4-1. (Reviewed by Grażyna Liczbińska)