Marin si Stanculescu 2022

Territorial Disparities in Hospital Capacity during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from Romania

Anca Monica Marin, Manuela Sofia Stănculescu

Article information

Volume: XVI Issue: 1, Pages: 95-120

Anca Monica Marin
Research Institute for Quality of Life,
13 Calea 13 Septembrie, 050711, Bucharest, Romania,

Manuela Sofia Stănculescu
World Bank Romania,


This article examines territorial inequalities in health resources in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. The typology built differentiates between the following four categories: (1) counties that succeeded in ensuring good access to both COVID-19 patients and patients with chronic illness; (2) counties with good access to COVID-19 patients but rather low access to patients with chronic illness; (3) counties with mixed situations and (4) poor access for COVID-19 patients and patients with chronic illness. Counties that succeeded in providing good access for both categories of patients are to a significantly greater extent from counties with high GDP per capita.


hospital bed capacity, anesthesia and intensive care, chronic illness, COVID-19 pandemic, Romania, territorial discrepancies, GDP per capita, county, typology of access, longitudinal analysis.


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