Vaculovschi D 2023

Specific Needs of Children Left Behind by Labour Migration in the Republic of Moldova

Dorin Vaculovschi

Article information

Volume: XVII Issue: 1, Pages: 65-84
Dorin Vaculovschi
Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova,
Human Resources, Public Affairs and Communication Department,
61 Bănulescu Bodoni St., Chişinău, Republic of Moldova,


During the past 25 years, international labour migration from the Republic of Moldova has reached unimaginable levels. Although it generated several positive effects, it also produced new social risks, including the expansion of the number of transnational families. For the Republic of Moldova, the phenomenon of transnational families has become a social risk, as it has led to various demographic imbalances, as well as the problem of children left without care following migration. The purpose of this article is to analyse the situation of children left without care as a result of labour migration, as well as to highlight the specific problems and needs of this social group.


migration, labour migration of parents, transnational families, children left behind.


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