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Volume X, Issue 2, 2016

National Identity between Assimilation and Autonomy in Austria and South Tyrol in the Mirror of the Census

Ewald Hiebl

PAGES: 5-18

National statistics in the Bohemian Lands 1880-2011: Factors affecting the setting of the criteria and methods used by the censuses

Pavel Kladiwa

PAGES: 5-18

Fundamental aspects of the national identification of Jews in the Bohemian Lands in the 1880–1930 censuses

Petr Kadlec

PAGES: 19-36

Between demography and politics: changing perceptions of nationality of the Slovak population in censuses 1869 – 1930

Martin Pekár, Nikola Regináčová

PAGES: 37-58

Statistical Assimilation” in the Hungarian Kingdom 1880-1910

György Kövér

PAGES: 59-76

Ethnicity, Nationality, and Statistics. The Romanians from the Habsburg Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the Tsarist Empire (1848-1850)

Daniela Deteşan, Ela Cosma

PAGES: 77-90

Ethnicity and Politics: Censuses in the Austro-Hungarian Empire (Case Study: Transylvania, 1869-1910)

Ioan Bolovan, Elena Crinela Holom, Marius Eppel

PAGES: 91-104