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Volume XI, Issue 1, 2017 (DOI: https://doi.org/10.24193/RJPS.2017.1)

On Interviewing Partners in Mixed Couples Together:Performance, Meta-Communication and Positionality

Rachele Bezzini

Pages 7-22

The Virgin of “EL CISNE” and the Ecuadorian Families Resident in Madrid

María Cristina Carrillo Espinosa

Pages 23-34

Methodological challenges of traditional and virtual anthropological fieldwork in migrant integration research: the case of Chinese-Hungarian interethnic partner relationships

Nóra Kovács

Pages 35-58

Kaufmann’s Comprehensive Interview Applied in a Longitudinal Study of Migrant Couples: Notes from the Field

Magdalena Żadkowska

Pages 59-78

Minding the gap” in the research on human trafficking for sexual purposes

Rafaela Hilário Pascoal


Exploring Migration Experiences and Gender Dynamics through Biographical Interviews

Erka Caro, Armela Xhaho, Mimoza Dushi

Pages 93-106

Online/offline couple interviews in the study of transnational families

Viorela Ducu

Pages 107-120

The new aspects of the research field

Anca Aştilean

Pages 121-130

Video research in the study of transnational families

Iulia Elena Hossu

Pages 131-138

Environmental portraits as means for depicting transnational families

Călin Ilea

Pages 139-150