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Volume X, Number I, 2016

Population in History

Censuses between Population Statistics and Policies. The Romanian Press from Hungary and The Censuses between 1869 and 1910

Raluca Botoș, Daniela Mârza, Vlad Popovici

PAGES: 5-18

The Seasonality of Mortality in Three Transylvanian Settlements in the Second Half of the 19th Century

Izabela Georgiana Coroian

PAGES: 19-36

Patriarchal Relationships in Romanian Rural Communities in Transylvania (Second Half of the 19th Century – Early 20th Century)

Elena Crinela Holom

PAGES: 37-58

Women and Family in Albanian Society according to Moral Codes, 15th – 20th Centuries

Mimoza Dushi

PAGES: 59-76

Contemporary Population

A Study of Maternal Status, Household Structure and Children’s Nutritional Status in India

Krishna Kumar Pandey, Mritunjay Pal Singh, R D Sings

PAGES: 77-90

Experiences from “Home” – Belonging to a Transnational Family

Viorela Ducu

PAGES: 91-104

Elderly Needs and Support Received

Veronica Someșan, Mihaela Hărăguș

PAGES: 105-132

Pathways to Childlessness among Women and Man: Is the Romanian Case Unique or Common in the Eastern Part of Europe?

Cristina Faludi

PAGES 133-156